Collection: About cozymal

With cozymal I aim to live out my creative side and bring to people art that I have always desired for myself. The name is a blend of the words "cozy" and "minimalism." This reflects my love for minimalist home decor enhanced by warm, inviting accents that give rooms a functional yet cozy flair.

Round Art Posters

Once, in a movie, a round painting caught my eye—such a delight. I had to have one for my own wall, but after quite a bit of digging I realized that round paintings are rare. Seemed like I had to make them myself, and thus I began transforming existing artworks into a round format. I was amazed by the modern touch and fresh perspective the circular shape added to traditional pieces. The positive feedback I received made me want to share these posters with others.

My Art

I've spent countless hours of my childhood crafting and painting, developing a fascination for geometric shapes and minimalist lines even back then, which form the foundation of my abstract cozymal designs. As I grew older, I unfortunately lost touch with my creative side for some years. That changed when I moved into my first apartment and suddenly had the freedom to discover and express my personal style. The quest for uniqueness brought me back to my creative roots. I began styling up my walls with artworks of my own making—initially through photography, later by creating abstract designs. I draw inspiration from optical art, the simple elegance of the Mid-Century style, and the clarity of the Bauhaus style.

Sharing My Decor Ideas and DIYs

In my blog, I explore my passions for interior design, the thrill of discovering vintage treasures, and the world of DIY projects. I put a spotlight on vintage lamp makeovers and Mid-Century Modern interior design ideas. Join me as I transform time-worn lamps into contemporary showpieces and reveal how the right lighting can elevate your home's ambiance. Additionally, I share a wealth of inspiration on the Mid-Century Modern style, helping you infuse your space with a blend of vintage elegance and modern flair. For exclusive insights and special highlights, make sure to follow me on Instagram.


Glimpse: Opt Art

Optische Kunst in moderner Designer-Wohnung

Glimpse: The Kiss

Abstraktes Poster names "Der Kuss" über Vintage Mid-Century Sideboard